our team

With a wide range of special skills and individual talents, our team works to support the needs of working artists.


Zaire Anderson


Amy Babcock

Event Business Operations Director

John Bartolo

Master Printmaker

Steven Battaglia

Sr. Vice President

Veena Bobba

Artist Experience Coordinator

Jennifer Choi

Finance Manager

Jeffrey Close

Ceramic Studio Technician and Fabricator

Brittni Collins

Director of Public Art

William Crockett

Facilities Engineer


Fabrication & Installation Specialist

Luther Davis

Director, Print Shop

Nellie Davis

Master Printmaker

Brian Ferreira

Ceramic Studio Technician and Fabricator

Diego Flores

Facilities Engineer

Iris Garcia

Event Sales Director

Jeremy Gender

Public Art Production Manager

Alex Gonzalez

Facilities Engineer

James Gurley-Dawkins

Executive Assistant

Noah Heil

Ceramic Studio Technician and Fabricator

Dennis Hrehowsik

Master Printmaker

Shayna Jeffers

Finance Director

Dean Kanyas

Chief Engineer

Chris Kinsler

Master Printmaker

Eleni Kontos

Ceramic Studio Technician and Fabricator

Phoenix Lindsey-Hall

Operations Director

Julia Lu

Operation Manager

Maja Mamak

Artist Experience Coordinator

Angélica Maria Millán Lozano

Artist Experience Associate Director

Leevonne Newton


Pradeesh Padmasenan

Event Technical Director

Paul Parkhill

CEO, Gemini

Xavier Petromelis

Marketing Coordinator

Sam Polcer

Marketing Director

Daniel Quinn

Fabrication & Installation Manager

Andrew Quintero

Facilities Engineer

Pamela Rapp

Event Production and Operations Director

Mitch Roth

Facilities Director

Biata Roytburd

Ceramic Studio Director

Yarisbeth Sagardia

Human Resources Director

Eric Shiner


Megan Skidmore

Development Director

Jonas St.Juste

Artist Experience Coordinator

Djenabou Sylla


Julia Tolo

Institutional Giving Manager

Jacqueline Veliz

Program Coordinator, Community Engagement & Partnership

Morgan Willey

Program Assistant

Jenn Williams

Community Engagement & Partnerships Director

Karyn Williams

VP of Programs

Ariel Wilson

Artist Experience Coordinator

Dana Zinsser

Master Printmaker

powerhouse arts board

Board Chair

Laura Hanna

Founder & Director Emeritus

Josh Rechnitz

Board Members

LaToya Ruby Frazier

Christopher Ho

Michael Hurst

Elizabeth Buckley Lewis

Cassie Rosenthal

Tracey Ryans

Dread Scott

“I believe in the redemptive power of art, I believe it to be one of the finest things we have to help us understand ourselves and the conundrum of being. Art illuminates and reflects, reveals us to ourselves: flawed, struggling, torn or triumphant. It broadens our tenuous grasp of the world and our ideas about our place in it.”

 –Joshua Rechnitz, Founder and Board Director Emeritus