brand & innovation partnerships

Powerhouse Arts is made possible by the generous contributions of individuals and organizations who value contemporary art. We offer bespoke and accessible partnership programs that are designed to address the marketing objectives and cultural initiatives of our partners.

Some of the categories that are available to partners include:

• Artist Learning Extensions: Internships, Residencies, Teaching Fellows

• Media, Broadcast, and Storytelling

• PHA Workshops 

• Naming Opportunities in Ceramics, Print, and Public Art

• Thought Leadership and Business Engagement

• Financial Arts Literacy

• Public Art Commissions and Exhibitions

• Special Events, Benefits, and Galas

• Design Collaborations and Product Innovation 

• Specialty Retail 

• Technology and Technical Solutions Partners

• Amenities Program 

Brand Innovation Spotlight

For further information contact:

Megan Skidmore
Development Director

Nadine Peyser
Corporate Partnerships