community ceramics studio

The Community Ceramics Studio offers a studio membership for ceramics artists.

Membership includes access to the studio’s robust facilities and resources for experienced ceramics artists, along with a staff dedicated to providing guidance and support in navigating the studio and equipment. We support communal knowledge-sharing while providing a safe environment where artists can focus on their craft and accomplish long-term projects.

A large room with shelves lined with ceramic works; a woman works in front of a large arched window

about the community ceramics studio

The studio aims to foster a multicultural and inclusive community for ceramic artists. The space is calm, bright, and quiet, supporting a productive work environment. We prioritize a healthy, safe, and ergonomic workspace by supplying fresh clean air, dust extraction, and equipment to aid physically intensive processes.

The studio is located on the 6th floor of our building on the Gowanus Canal, boasting floor to ceiling arched windows with a beautiful view of downtown Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

membership application

Our mission is to welcome a diverse group of artists working independently in a variety of traditions and techniques. Our team will review applications on a rolling basis.

If you are interested, please submit a brief application to be considered for membership in the Powerhouse Arts Ceramics Studio. Candidates will be notified by a Powerhouse team member directly.

Membership options

Once your application is accepted, you can purchase one of the following membership options with a monthly fee. Firing comes at an additional cost.

small shelf – $245/month

Approximately 24” W x 18” D x 18” H

large shelf – $375/month

Approximately 48” W x 18” D x 18” H

sculpture station – $425/month

Great for people looking to build tall and/or heavy sculptures

Approximately 24” x 24” x 24” cart with storage underneath for tools, maquettes, and clay.

slip casting station – $550/month

Approximately 36” W space with a work surface and 3 shelves

semi-private workspace – $795/month

8’ x 8’ space with a shelving unit 7.5’ wide 7.5’ tall with 5 shelves and a table

large semi-private workspace – $975/month

8.5’ x 9.5’ space with a shelving unit 8’ wide 7.5’ tall with 5 shelves and a table

Locker rental is also available as an add on for $15/month. Each locker is 12” W x 18” D x 34” H, and locks are not provided.


The following options and pricing are intended for individual pieces for communal firing.

  • Bisque $0.03 per cubic inch
  • Oxidation ∆ 6 $0.03 per cubic inch
  • Oxidation ∆ 10 $0.06 per cubic inch
  • ∆ 10 (only) $0.06 per cubic inch

The following options and pricing are intended for full kiln rentals.

  • Small Round Kiln (21″ x 21″ x 19.75″ H) $122 per firing
  • Medium Round Kiln (21″ x 21″ x 24.5″ H) $143 per firing
  • Oval Kiln (46” L x 31” W x 24” H) $385 per firing
  • Front Loader (30″ W x 30″ D x 54″ H) $486 per firing
  • Front Loader (67”D x 55”W x 60”H) $3,317 per firing
  • Front Loader (47”D x 38”W x 44”H) $1,179 per firing

visitor options

We provide options for visitors who are not Community Ceramics Studio members.


Those who drop-in are able to utilize equipment specific to their visit after a technician demonstrates proper use.

  • Hourly drop-in rate: $30/hour
  • Daily drop-in rate: $135/day
  • Drop-in storage: $20/day for in progress work left onsite after using the facility. If work is ready for firing, there is no fee for storage.
  • 1:1 hourly rate: $120/hour to work one on one with a studio fabricator or technician.

Technicians and fabricators can work with artists one on one by appointment to help with specific technical needs. For example, they can assist with glaze sampling, clay staining, firing schedule creation, etc.

3D printing

There is a minimum non-refundable fee of $280 for a first print, after which the service is $85/hour. If a print fails, the initial fee of $280 will go toward a reprint of the form.

  • Consultation (tips for creating files etc.): $85/hour

Hours of operation

  • Monday – Friday, 9AM – 10PM
  • Saturday – Sunday, 10AM – 8PM
  • Closed on federal holidays

shop equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment offers access to a variety of processes, including wheel throwing, sculpture/hand-building, slip-casting, 3D printing, custom decal printing, electric, gas, and soon-to-come raku firings.


Sixty percent of the table heights and most equipment is installed to be accessible to users with wheelchairs. Our gas and electric kilns vary greatly in size and our facilities are conducive to both small- and large-scale work.

The Community Ceramics Studio is located on the 6th floor and is accessible via a hydraulic elevator from the lobby and a set of elevators from the 1st floor.

Please email for further information regarding equipment and accessibility needs.

Equipment and furniture

  • (22) Shimpo VL Lite Wheels
  • (3) Accessible Brent Wheels
  • (2) CXC Brent Wheels
  • Wedging Tables
  • (8) 4×4 Hand-building Tables (4 at an accessible height)
  • (1) 40” Wide Electric Slab Roller
  • (1) 30” Wide Manual Slab Roller
  • (1) 4” North Star Stainless Steel Extruder
  • (1) 6” North Star Stainless Steel Extruder
  • (4) Electric Kilns
  • Small Skutt 1022 – interior dimensions: 23”w x 23”h (5.3 cu.ft)
  • Med Skutt 1027- interior dimensions: 23”w x 27”h (7.0 cu ft.)
  • Lg Skutt 1627 – interior dimensions: 46”h x 31”h (18.5 cu ft.)
  • Lg Front loading Blaauw – interior dimensions: 54”h x 30”d x 30”w (21 cu ft.)
  • (2) Front Loading Gas Kilns – interior dimensions: 60”h x 67”d x 55”w (73 cu. ft.) -AND- 44”h x 47”d x 38”w (26 cu. ft.)
  • Slip Casting Table w/ Pump
  • Glazing Spray Booth
  • Compressed Air
  • Personal Cleaning Station (gentle vacuum for clothing and skin)
  • Access with studio tech assistance:
    • Vibrating Mold Making Table
    • Ceramic 3D Printer
    • Ceramic Decal Printer
    • Pugmill

Clay bodies available for purchase

  • Dover White Stoneware Slip
  • Laguna Very White Porcelain Slip
  • MC550 Grolleg Porcelain WC-631
  • Miller B-Mix 5 Clay W/ Grog WC-436
  • Miller B-Mix 10
  • Miller Brooklyn Red 308
  • Miller Fine Spec Favorite WC-606
  • Miller MC16 Porcelain
  • Miller Sculpture Soldate 60 Clay WC-843
  • Standard Dark Brown

frequently asked questions

Can I load my work into the kilns?

Our technicians will be loading all the kilns, but members are welcome to observe. If a member would like to load their own work, they must arrange this with a studio technician to schedule a time.

Can I use the studio to make my own glazes?

No. Members do not have access to the raw materials in the glaze lab. Please speak to a tech about having glaze tests made.

Can I use my own commercial glaze?

Yes, you can use your own commercial glazes as long as you provide us with the firing information.

Can I make my own clay?

No, we do not make clay on premises.

Is the community ceramics studio open on holidays?

Powerhouse Arts is closed on federal holidays. We provide limited access hours on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. We will be closed from December 25 through January 1, and will reopen on January 2, 2024.

If I rent a shelf, can I still use the slip casting equipment?

Yes, all equipment usage is available to members with proper training.

Will you offer training sessions on equipment?

Yes, we offer a general orientation and more in-depth training sessions upon request.

Can I use my own clay and glaze?

Yes, but all clays and glazes must first be approved by our technicians.

Can I bring my pet?

We allow service animals on-site, but we cannot accommodate other pets. Please email to discuss your service animal requirements. 

Is there somewhere to eat in the building?

You may eat in the lobby or in the backyard picnic tables, however there is no microwave or refrigerator for member use.